• All Hallows Eve with the Old Bone Mother
    Fri, Oct 28
    Celebrate the thinning of the veil with ceremony and creating a wand and intention jar. Experience personal healing with a guided journey through the Old Bone Mother's story. She is the spirit who comes to take away what we no longer need and knits it into something new.
  • Reiki I & Reiki II - 2 Day Training
    Sat, Nov 12
    Learn the foundational principles of the Usui method of Reiki for treating yourself and others. Master the Reiki symbols and techniques for distance healing. Each day you will receive the Reiki attunements and have hands-on practice to enhance your new skills.
  • Reiki III Training (7 CEU's)
    Sat, Dec 10
    This is the Advanced Master Practitioner course, prerequisite for this course is Reiki I and Reiki II.
  • Discovering Your Best Self - Women's Retreat
    Fri, Feb 24
    Good Earth Village
    Deep within your soul there is a remembering of who you are. Awaken the best version of yourself and embark on a magical journey of stepping into your truest self. Experience the power of the wisdom that resides deep inside of you.
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Most of these events are in conjunction with my work as Sister Seekers, a partnership between Marie Neher & Diane Anderson.

Providing opportunities for self-discovery, healing, meaningful connection and aligning with your soul purpose.