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Misty Field

Finding the Wisdom Within

What spins in your head that needs to find some peace?

We live in a society where thinking is focused in the head.  You will be led through a powerful process to access the profound wisdom in your heart through the use of a personal labyrinth. This ancient tool accelerates the wisdom journey through the simplicity of its design.

Choose a question on a relationship issue, conversation, process, creative project, etc. Anything that you want to receive clarity from your inner wisdom. Then you will be guided through the labyrinth and given places to stop and reflect.


What do you need to let go of?

What am I aware of in my heart?

What are the new possibilities?

What is my dream/new story?

There will be instruction on how to use the labyrinth process. Then you will have 35-40 minutes of independent time to work your labyrinth. This process helps you find the answers that only you hold deep in your heart; the wisdom will be further refined with deep listening.

Get ready to listen to the wisdom in your heart.

For individual sessions or a group workshop call Marie
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