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Dark Rainforest Path

Reiki, Shamanic Healing & Workshops

release anxiety & pain

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Reiki s a holistic, alternative therapy that uses gentle touch to help you relax and release stress, enabling your body systems to move into a state of balance and harmony.  Energetic blockages or imbalances can result in pain, inflammation or illness. Reiki works to restore the natural flow of energy in order to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. When Reiki is allowed to flow freely through the organs and tissues, it opens blocked passages, reactivates energy centers and gives balance to the energy of the entire body, restoring health and wholeness.

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing tradition known to humankind. This ancient tradition is tens of thousands of years and is currently being practiced today in nearly every country around the globe.

Shamanic practitioners believe that every physical ailment has a corresponding imbalance in the spiritual world. Illness from a spiritual perspective is about separation – from ourselves, the world around us and the Creator. Our feelings of separation cause disturbances in our life force energy.

Shamanic healing typically involves one of two things:

     * Putting something back that has been lost and needs to be recovered

     * Removing energy that has been taken on and needs to be released

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