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Distance Healing
Distance Healing

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What is Reiki and Shamanic Healing?

Misty Field

Finding the Wisdom Within

What spins in your head that needs to find some peace?

We live in a society where thinking is focused in the head.  You will be led through a powerful process to access the profound wisdom in your heart through the use of a personal labyrinth. This ancient tool accelerates the wisdom journey through the simplicity of its design.


This process helps you find the answers that only you hold deep in your heart.

About Marie

Marie's calm spirit creates a peaceful atmosphere where you can relax into healing. She is a healing arts practitioner including Reiki, shamanic healing, space clearings and Mt 10 Labyrinth coaching. Her practice is grounded in the belief that energy alignment and soul work enhance our ability to heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

As a Certified Mt 10 Labyrinth guide Marie also leads retreats for exploration into your higher self.

Marie holds a master’s degree in education and lives in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Marie Neher - MS, RMT, SH



Marie Neher - Healing Energy

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